Remember that time that I said that I would post stuff in here? Well, I remember it. I've been busy, okay? Yes, I know that's just an excuse. Everyone is busy, aren't they? But really that's my reason. Derek drew that thang above. It is entitled "Lennon" because it reminded me in a vague scribbly sense of John Lennon's also scribbly sketches. We don't have legs. Ta-da.

And this is what I drew. Can you tell that MS Paint is a real good friend for a quick drawin'? Well, it is. And there we are, scribbly pictures of us. I promise to draw something more better soon.  ... maybe.

Gimme a bone.

This may or may not be a drawing I will use for a graphic design project of making album art. It's for my friend's band... I found out this is a dog of theirs that got hit by a car. They probably would be sad, so I will likely not use it. I think it's a pretty decent drawing though!

Drawings post!

 So I haven't been inspired enough to do another "comic" yet, (well more like motivated rather than inspired) but somehow I found it fun to revamp old drawings. So here they are, two versions of the same.



002: I think I have...

Okay, so I was closer to being done with this than I thought. The colors got oddly muted more than i planned for, but I think I like it. I hope to upload more stuff this weekend (hopefully one with human guest appearances)-- either way I'm happy with how this one turned out! 

Whatta devil?

Derek and I drew some people together yesterday. I started them off and then he finished them, and this is one of the results! Scary, isn't (s)he? I'm still working on my comic thang so this is all you get for today.

My hair looks bad today.

At least I got to sleep in a little? But I hate it when my alarm doesn't go off because even though my showers are short they at least wake me up and I don't have bed-hair all day. Today I have to do a presentation, too. So much for looking presentable, I guess... I do feel like drawing though so maybe it's not such a bad day after all.